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Enum IceRpcError


The errors carried by an IceRpcException.

public enum IceRpcError


IceRpcError = -1

An uncategorized IceRpc error.

AddressInUse = 1

The listener local address is in use.

ConnectionAborted = 2

The connection was aborted, typically by the peer. The abort can also be caused by a network failure, such as an intermediary router going down.

ConnectionClosedByPeer = 3

The peer closed the connection without reporting any error.

ConnectionIdle = 4

The connection was idle and timed-out.

ConnectionRefused = 5

The peer refused the connection.

InvocationCanceled = 6

The invocation was canceled: the invoker read the payload of the request but the request was not dispatched at all by the server.

InvocationRefused = 7

The invocation was refused because the invoker (for example a connection) is closed or shutting down or no longer available prior to the start of this invocation. The payload of the request was not read at all by the invoker.

LimitExceeded = 8

A limit was exceeded, such as the MaxIceRpcHeaderSize sent by the peer during connection establishment.

NoConnection = 9

An invoker failed to send a request because it could not locate a connection.

OperationAborted = 10

The operation was aborted because an underlying resource (connection, stream) was disposed while this operation was running.

ServerBusy = 11

The server rejected the connection establishment attempt because it already has too many connections.

ServerUnreachable = 12

The server is unreachable.

TruncatedData = 13

The reading of a transport stream completed with incomplete data.