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Enum StatusCode


The status code indicates whether the dispatch of a request has completed successfully, and, if not, which error occurred. It's carried by responses.

public enum StatusCode : ulong


Ok = 0

The dispatch completed successfully.

ApplicationError = 1

The dispatch failed with an application-specific error.

NotFound = 2

The dispatch could not find the target service or some other resource.

NotImplemented = 3

The target service was found but it does not implement the requested operation.

Unavailable = 4

The server or the target service is currently unavailable and the caller can safely retry.

InternalError = 5

The dispatch failed due to an internal service or server error. This is typically caused by a bug in the server or in the target service.

InvalidData = 6

The dispatch failed because the request payload could not be decoded or because a middleware could not decode a request field. It is typically due to a mismatch in the IDL definitions used by the client and the server.

TruncatedPayload = 7

The dispatch failed because it received a truncated payload. This is usually caused by a failure of the invoker while it was sending the payload.

DeadlineExceeded = 8

The dispatch detected the expiration of the request's deadline.

Unauthorized = 9

The caller is not authorized to access the requested resource.


The Slice compiler generated this enum from the Slice enum IceRpc::StatusCode.