Using Protocol Buffers with IceRPC

Protocol Buffers (Protobuf for short) is a popular Interface Definition Language (IDL) and serialization format created by Google and available for many programming languages. Protobuf is the IDL for gRPC and several other RPC frameworks.

This chapter describes the IceRPC + Protobuf integration, not Protobuf itself. The IceRPC + Protobuf integration uses standard Protobuf files, with the regular Protobuf syntax and semantics.

The IceRPC + Protobuf integration helps you implement Protobuf services with IceRPC and call such services using (over) IceRPC.

In practical terms, the IceRPC + Protobuf integration for C#:

  • defines an IceRPC-specific client-side and server-side mapping for Protobuf services to C#
  • provides a protoc code generator (protoc-gen-icerpc-csharp) that generates code for Protobuf services
  • provides a support assembly used by this generated code, IceRpc.Protobuf.dll
  • provides an MSBuild integration that helps you execute protoc with the protoc-gen-icerpc-csharp code generator in MSBuild projects: IceRpc.Protobuf.Tools

User-defined Protobuf types such as messages and enums are handled by the protoc compiler and its built-in C# code generator. The IceRPC + Protobuf integration does not customize this mapping in any way.

The net result is you need to write very little code to call or implement Protobuf services with IceRPC.

For example, let's take a typical Greeter example:

syntax = "proto3";
package visitor_center;
option csharp_namespace = "VisitorCenter";
// A simple Greeter service.
service Greeter {
// Creates a personalized greeting.
rpc Greet (GreetRequest) returns (GreetResponse);
// The request contains the name of the person to greet.
message GreetRequest {
string name = 1;
// The response contains the greeting.
message GreetResponse {
string greeting = 1;

protoc's built-in code generator for C# generates classes for the GreetRequest and GreetResponse messages, while protoc-gen-icerpc-csharp generates two interfaces and a struct for the Greeter service:

C# generated code - client-side
namespace VisitorCenter;
public partial interface IGreeter
Task<GreetResponse> GreetAsync(
GreeterRequest message,
IFeatureCollection? features = null,
CancellationToken cancellationToken = default);
public readonly partial record struct GreeterClient : IGreeter, IProtobufClient
public Task<GreetResponse> GreetAsync(
GreetRequest message,
IFeatureCollection? features = null,
CancellationToken cancellationToken = default)
// implemented by the generated code using IceRPC...
C# generated code - server-side
namespace VisitorCenter;
public partial interface IGreeterService
ValueTask<GreetResponse> GreetAsync(
GreetRequest message,
IFeatureCollection features,
CancellationToken cancellationToken);

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