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IceRPC is a new open-source RPC framework that helps you build blazing fast networked applications with very little code.


Welcome to the IceRPC documentation! You will find on this site a wide range of materials, including installation instructions, tutorials, programming guides, and more.

Want to make RPCs without reinventing the wheel? Want to take advantage of QUIC through a convenient, modern API? You've come to the right place.

IceRPC is currently available for C# / .NET. We plan on adding support for more languages soon, starting with Rust.

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Customize your client-side processing by composing interceptors into an invocation pipeline.
Compose middleware and services into your own custom server-side dispatch pipeline.
Learn how to route a request to the right service based on the request's path.
A modern IDL and serialization format developed in tandem with IceRPC.
Learn how to call and implement Protobuf services with IceRPC.
Learn how to use IceRPC with a DI container.
Learn how to secure your communications with TLS.

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