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Create a new IceRPC application from scratch with a few simple commands.

This quickstart shows how to build and run a complete client-server application with IceRPC in just a few minutes.

Prerequisites: you just need to have the .NET 8 SDK installed on your computer.

The networked application we are building together consists of:

  • a server that hosts a single service (a simple greeter service)
  • a client that establishes a connection to the server and calls greet on this greeter service

The client and server are console applications that use plain .NET (no ASP.NET, no Dependency Injection).

Let's jump right in:

dotnet new install IceRpc.Templates

We create the server application from the icerpc-slice-server template installed in the previous step:

dotnet new icerpc-slice-server -o MyServer

This command creates our new IceRPC + Slice server application in directory MyServer.

Similarly, we create the client application from a template:

dotnet new icerpc-slice-client -o MyClient

This command creates our new IceRPC + Slice client application in directory MyClient.

Now that we have created both the client and server applications, we can run them.

Open a terminal and run the server:

cd MyServer
dotnet run

The server is now listening for new connections from clients:

dbug: IceRpc.Server[11]
Listener 'icerpc://[::0]?transport=tcp' has started accepting connections

Open another terminal and run the client:

cd MyClient
dotnet run

The client sends a single greet request to the service hosted by our server:

dbug: IceRpc.ClientConnection[3]
Client connection from '[::1]:61582' to '[::1]:4062' connected
info: IceRpc.Logger.LoggerInterceptor[0]
Sent request greet to icerpc:/VisitorCenter.Greeter over
[::1]:61582<->[::1]:4062 and received a response with status code Ok
Hello, Reece!
dbug: IceRpc.ClientConnection[6]
Client connection from '[::1]:61582' to '[::1]:4062' shutdown
dbug: IceRpc.ClientConnection[5]
Client connection from '[::1]:61582' to '[::1]:4062' disposed

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first IceRPC application.

You can learn more about what each file produced by the templates does in the Tutorial:

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