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Protocol connection

Understand how to create and use protocol connections.

A server, a client connection and a connection cache all manage protocol connections. A protocol connection is an abstraction that:

  • holds a transport connection such as a QUIC connection or a tcp connection
  • implements an RPC protocol layer over this transport connection

In C#, this abstraction is the IProtocolConnection interface:

namespace IceRpc;
public interface IProtocolConnection : IInvoker, IAsyncDisposable
Task<(TransportConnectionInformation ConnectionInformation, Task ShutdownRequested)> ConnectAsync(
CancellationToken cancellationToken = default);
Task ShutdownAsync(CancellationToken cancellationToken = default);

Even though it's public, a regular application should not use this API directly.

IceRPC provides two implementations of the protocol connection abstraction: ice and icerpc protocol connections.

In C#, you create a client protocol connection with a ClientProtocolConnectionFactory. For example:

var clientProtocolConnectionFactory = new ClientProtocolConnectionFactory(connectionOptions, logger: logger);
await using var protocolConnection = clientProtocolConnectionFactory.CreateConnection(serverAddress);

This allows you to implement your own custom version of ClientConnection or ConnectionCache.

There is currently no public API to create server protocol connections; as a result, you can't create your own custom version of Server.

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